Jane oldfield


I am a painter, now developing my exhibition for the Greenham Common Control Tower next spring. ‘Greenham Common’ says protest against nuclear war. While this threat is still with us, our priority is now is action to stop Climate Change.  Unless the carbon dioxide in our air returns to levels of about 150 years ago our grandchildren will live in a failing planet.

How must this affect my art? Learning to fly a glider has shown me the wonder and forces of the air and sky above us. For example I am making mobiles of laser-cut silhouettes of future people who have evolve so they can fly. Also my uncle - a photo-reconnaissance Spitfire pilot in WW2 - left me his flying logbook and his medals. I am using some of the photographs he took.

To sum up the aim of this exhibition is to find some ways to illustrate the fragile thin blue line of atmosphere above us.


.Jane Oldfield was born and brought up in Harewood, Yorkshire but she now lives and works in Twickenham, West London. She was studying at Hornsey College of Art in 1968, and then did a M.Sc. at UMIST, Manchester. 

Jane Oldfield gliding squarer copy 2_edited.jpg