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I work in a variety of media. I often paint with acrylics, but I also make hanging mobiles using shapes laser-cut from acrylic sheets and photocollages using my own photographs, for example.

For about 15 years the main theme of my work has been the sky and flying. Learning to fly a glider  has made me conscious of the wind, clouds, air pressure and thermalling. I try to find ways of expressing these air movements and the perspectives of looking down to the Earth from above. 


Another perspective on flying has come from my uncle - a phot-reconnaissance Spitfire pilot in WW2 

who gave me his flying logbook and his medals. I have used some of his photgraphs in my work.

Charles IWM photo cropped_edited.jpg

 Squadron Leader Charles Harris St John copyright IWM

Unless we reduce the carbon dioxide we are increasingly putting into our air our grandchildren will live in a planet facing the great extinction of human beings.

Now my main aim is to communicate the nature of the thin blue line of the atmosphere.

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