Jane oldfield


I am a painter who is trying out different approaches to her current theme – flying.

At the moment I am developing mobiles of laser cut flying people. 'Neon' coloured acrylics makes 3 dimensional lines as well as moving planes. People might be able to fly in an evolved body - swimming in air not water. Silhouettes are what we see of things flying high, and these can suggest a flying person without a full explanation. My experience of gliding makes me think we not do not need angels' wings.

Within my painting the colours and shapes of landscapes and cloudscapes from above also cry out for exploration. Speeding through the forces in the air, like wind and thermals, can be better expressed in paint and colour than by a mobile. Also I have made a series of collages of the photographs I have taken from passenger planes. Seeing how few airline passengers look out of the windows suggested my JaneAir passenger plane which I now 'fly' occasionally.

A major influence has been my uncle - a photo-reconnaissance Spitfire pilot in WW2. He left me his flying log and his medals. I have used photographs he took (found in the National Collection of Aerial Photographs in Edinburgh) in a series of works using overlapping clear acrylic sheets.


From my recent solo exhibition I learnt that having a show with a wide range of work stimulated interest from a wide variety of people. Work with an interesting background story seemed particularly engaging.

Jane Oldfield was born and brought up in Harewood, Yorkshire but she now lives and works in Twickenham, West London. She was studying at Hornsey College of Art in 1968, and then did a M.Sc. at UMIST, Manchester in Design Research. Later she worked for Warwickshire and Lewisham in social research and planning.