Jane Oldfield

I am delighted to have been invited to take part in         


Part of Art Licks Weekend




Open:17th – 20th October  12–6pm

1C Enterprise House, 2 Tudor Grove, London, E9 7QL


Preview: Thursday 17th October, 6–9pm 

Performance: by Hayley Harrison - 8pm

Artist Tour and Open Discussion: Sunday 20th October 3-6pm


Curator:  Kirsty Harris


Artists: Henrietta Armstrong, Fiona Banner, Lizz Brady, Eleanor Vonne Brown, COLLAGISM, Ana Čvorović, Ute Essig, Alison Gill, Mars Gomes, Fiona Grady, 

Kirsty Harris, Hayley Harrison, Joe Hesketh, Sarah Longworth-West, Araba Ocran,

Jane Oldfield, Ann-Marie Pena, Zara Ramsay, Fiona Sarison, Elly Thomas, Nadine Tropschuh.