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Searching the Wave_Jane Oldfield1.jpg

Searching the Wave (2024)

oil and acrylics on plyboard

61cm x 91cm

Iproved A4 Car & Dinasaur.jpg

 Flying (2024)

cutouts of used cardboard

and paper packing


The Car & the Dinosaur


A4 photocollage

Flying People (2022)

laser cutouts of acrylic sheets and acrylic line hanging

from ceiling

approx. 100cm x 100cm x 100cm

In the Circuit (2021)

oil & acrylics on canvas

61 x 76cms

People in the Clouds copy.jpg
Daybreak  copy.jpg

New Day Dawning 2 (2022)

acrylic inks on 3 clear hanging acrylic panels

& laser cut hanging acrylic shape

46cm x 180cm x 2cm+

People in a plane

limited edition print

image 21 x 29.5cm

IMG_5091 copy 2.jpg

detail of the Sun Horses, cutouts of acrylic sheets

Jane Oldfield Spinning Down 2 version 1.jpg

Spinning Down

oil & acrylic on canvas,

100 x 70cms 

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